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Page Last Updated: February 26, 2021

Updated: February 2021 helps everyday Wordpress users select the best websites to get their Wordpress Themes and Templates. We only rank the best to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. We know that most themes and templates will not be 100% exact to your likings but some do come really close and offer much more than needed. Check out our rankings of the best Wordpress theme websites and enjoy!

1 187 Ratings

187 Ratings

Elegant Themes

  • Divi is the Most Popular WP Theme
  • The Ultimate Wordpress Theme Builder
  • Customize Every Part Of Your Website
  • Create Blogs With Unique Content
  • Build Unlimited Websites With One License
Elegant themes is one of the best WP Theme sites you will come across, with a huge active community and several Plugins. DIVI is the most popular Wordpress theme on their platform. Elegant themes is one of the biggest in Wordpress. Elegant themes has been operating for over a decade and has half a million customers. The have over 80 Wordpress themes and several Plugins. DIVI and Extra are the most popular. Having over 80 Themes clearly makes Elegant themes a bargain. Clearly the highlighted themes are DIVI and Extra. DIVI is the best theme that Elegant themes offers. Multipurpose theme that gives you the capability of creating any website you choose. Anywhere from E-Commerce sites to Blogs. Offering very High Quality Templates and a great Page builder with drag and drop functionality. Experienced web developers along with new developers love using DIVI. With over 800 Individual page Templates you have unlimited choices. DIVI provides user friendly functionality. The packs and templates are easily found in the dashboard and easy to use. You can even create your custom design using the module and make it your own. Extra on the other hand was designed mainly for blogs that carry a decent amount of content. You can use widgets to display your content and images. The layout is so inviting and makes it easy for users to click on your images and continue to read. You can customize your page and even use DIVI and its tools. Easy to build with drag and drop features. With these two you have unlimited resources to get started and make a website that looks elegant and professional. The category builder on Extra is superb. Elegant Themes stands out in the WP themes industry, I love using it and it gets the job done.
2 170 Ratings

170 Ratings

Theme Forest

  • Thousands Of Wordpress Themes And Templates
  • Unique Themes Fit For Every Budget
  • Largest Theme Marketplace in The World
  • Unlimited Downloads Of Templates And Themes
  • New Themes And Designs Added Daily
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1000's of Unique Themes
Theme Forest is one of the top Wordpress theme providers because of the variety and selection of themes they offer. Currently Theme Forest provides over 40,000 themes and this makes it very attractive to use and they have something for just about any type of website. They also provide themes and templates for other CMS platforms like Drupal, JOOMLA, and Weebly. It is one of the more affordable theme providers where no matter your size of the business, big or small the price is very right for a great professional website. Being part of the Envato family you will find so many different themes, one that will fit your Criteria for your website. Theme forest is very easy to use and very convenient to find your category and start to use with just a few clicks. The price is right on with them, anywhere from $15 to $99 for each theme but could be lot more expensive if you need more Licensing and other extensions. With the Licensing you could get Exclusive Themes. Their platform is wonderful for ecommerce websites. Incredibly easy to implement and use on your online store. They have templates for Shopify and Magento and others. Once you choose your platform it will display all the themes with different choices of Industry. Once you filter it out you should see themes that are specifically designed for your Industry. Theme Forest is a user friendly platform and simple to use. All the themes display great images and detailed points. Theme Forest has a live preview in which you can see the template before going live, also check out other Themes in Live preview. I highly recommend them because of the simple way of getting your business started. Check them out you will love the platform.
3 153 Ratings

153 Ratings

Beaver Builder

  • Over 1 Million Websites Built
  • Great Support With Helpful Communities
  • Ability To Position Text And Images
  • Complete control of Content
  • Build A Website in Minutes
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Popular Website Builder
Beaver Builder has been here since the beginning and has a lot to offer. You can pretty much build any kind of website with them. They have over 1 million websiteʼs live and is one of the more trustworthy platforms to use. It is simple to use and very user friendly. You can position text and images anywhere on your website using drag and drop features. No need for coding, itʼs all done and works for any theme. They also offer several landing pages for you to use. So many content modules for you to build your pages. All themes are ready to go and SEO optimized. For ecommerce it is compatible with WooCommerce. Beaver Builder is more expensive than itʼs competitors but you can use it multiple times with your plan you choose. They have 3 different plans available - Agency, Pro and Standard all come with unlimited sites and page builder plugins. One of the best supporting system is also available. With Modules and Templates also included. Agency and pro plans also include white labeling. The Pro plan gives you capability to build sites for clients from ground up. Live front end editing gives you the ability to work in live mode. Mobile friendly themes with any site you are building. You also have support on any Widgets. Developer ready with custom modules. With a translation plugin for international users. Themes optimized for SEO friendly designs. With import and export share your themes with others. You can reuse any template anytime you want. Clearly this is one of the best WP Builders in the world. You can build your website in minutes if you really want to. Very helpful community with awesome support.
4 135 Ratings

135 Ratings


  • Over 5 Million Websites Built
  • All In One Solution
  • Faster Loading Websites
  • Create Any Website, No Limits
  • Visual Guide For Site Building
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All In One Solution
One of the world’s Leading Wordpress website builders. With over 5 Million Proʼs whom have built websites. No coding required and an easy to use drag and drop feature which makes it very simple to use. Elementor letʼs you create original content and posts. It also works with any Wordpress theme. The designs and layouts you can put together are very impressive. All in one solution gives you control of your website from one place. Fast loading websites. Lotʼs of themes, add-ons, and products which developers also love. You have the capability of creating any website with no limitations. Explore the visual theme builder and customize every part of your website. It has so many design elements that help you generate more traffic and more conversations. It is also available in over 50 Languages, this feature makes it Ideal for your International users. Over 90 content modules to choose from, counters, headings, and buttons. All mobile ready and SEO friendly. They also have a brand new WooCommerce builder module. Also includes the live builder feature, leaves the guessing game out. Elements include images, headlines, videos, buttons, dividers, testimonials, social media icons, Short codes and other Widgets. You can also Display settings, where this allows you to change backgrounds and fonts. The regular version is FREE. The pro edition gives you a lot of access to almost all. Prices range from $50 to $99. Again this is a bargain with everything it offers. When you get a chance take my word and do check them out, you will be impressed.
5 117 Ratings

117 Ratings

Template Monster

  • Over 50,000 Templates and Plugins
  • Digital Design Marketplace
  • Great for Ecommerce
  • Amazing Graphics and Presentations
  • One Membership Gets You Unlimited Access
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Access Templates & Plugins
Template Monster is well known for itʼs high quality templates. They offer a wide variety of Templates. Also with unlimited domain usage and client sites. Very well coded and extremely user friendly platform, with SEO friendly Templates. They now offer over 50,000 website templates, plug ins, and graphics. Readymade blogging and business themes. All are customizable and SEO friendly. Readymade ecommerce solutions, many ecommerce themes for all popular platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, opencart and more. User friendly navigation styles and advanced search options, with your drag and drop options as well. This is very attractive to user because Template Monster simplified the whole process and you do not have to be a developer to do so. They always have a high quality graphics that are breathtaking. With a huge collection of Icons and logo designs. Stunning presentation templates for a power point presentation and much more. Many different themes from camping to business and to traveling. HTML5 Site templates from fashion to cars. WooCommerce themes from makeup to groceries. Shopify themes from beauty to art and pets. JOOMLA templates from photography to music they have it. The Support is tremendous and fast. The online chat support is fast and strong. The price is also right with them, anywhere from $99 to $131. These are very good prices with the quality that they offer. I highly refer them to anyone who is getting started, simply put it is wonderful. helps everyday Wordpress users select the best websites to get their Wordpress Themes and Templates. We only rank the best to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. We know that most themes and templates will not be 100% exact to your likings but some do come really close and offer much more than needed. Check out our rankings of the best Wordpress theme websites and enjoy!